Enginuity and my freelancing began in 2019, building on a decade long carreer in software engineering. For a comprehensive list of work experience, see my LinkedIn profile.

Freelance assignments

I have worked in about a dozen projects as freelancer. Assignments have ranged from working as senior fullstack engineer in development teams, to singelhandedly creating mobile app MVPs, to building custom React Native integrations in existing native apps.

Below are a few selected recent assignments.

Senior Software Engineer at Elsa Science
April 2022 — June 2023

Worked with the team to implement features and improvements within Elsa self care app (mobile) and Clinical Dashboard (web). Example of contribution was in designing and implementing a new system for medication information, with requirements for synchronising with external sources and phasing out the legacy system. Additionally, I identified challenges in code complexity and initiated the restructuring of frontend applications towards a feature focused architecture, to simplify working with and understanding the code.

TypeScript • React Native & Web • Node • GraphQL • PostgreSQL • AWS Lambda & DynamoDB

Frontend Engineer at Joint Academy
January 2021 — March 2022

Assigned to make the app support two new markets. I refactored large parts of the app and introduced a configuration system and shared state, this enabled me to restructure the navigation. Markets could then be added with a few configuration changes. As we learned more about language requirements, I changed to a ICU- based translation system, where grammar “logic” lives in the translation. While I continued to work with my team on new market features and adaptations I continued to support common infrastructure and architecture. An example was the introduction of a new error reporting tool, where I could continue to build on shared API call support, resulting in common error handling with granular reporting within the tool.

TypeScript • React Native • React & Hooks • GraphQL • Internationalisation

React Native specialist at TV4 Media / C More
September 2020 — January 2021

I was assigned to evaluate the use of React Native within the existing apps. Investigated and built integrations in the Swift/Kotlin codebases, enabling use of React Native in certain views, sharing functionality with the native side. On this integration I implemented a new TV Channels view.

Swift • Kotlin • TypeScript • React Native • GraphQL • React & Hooks


I started working as a software engineer in 2010 after studying Computer and Systems Sciences. The first five years I worked mostly with backend development, initially at Klarna.

During the following five years I co-founded Hello Shim. We set out in 2015 to build a chatbot app for encouraging mental health. Me and my technical co-founder designed the original backend system, which we built using Elixir and a graph database. Then, my main focus was developing our mobile app, using React Native. Its codebase grew to over 50K lines of code.

Our company was acquired by Kry in 2019. By then, I had become an expert in React Native and it became an important part of my freelancing.