Enginuity — Andreas ⁠Amsenius

Andreas Amsenius

I am a curious software engineer, a freelancer since a few years following a decade of startup employment and founding. I love to build products and care deeply about usability and architectural simplicity; I fight for the users, and the developers!

After 25 years of programming, it’s still my passion. It enables me to invent things and solve problems. I try to make my code easy to change, because things are always changing. My motto is: make everything simple and nothing becomes hard.

I identify with the description of paint drip people. As a generalist, I take on any technical challenge needed to make progress. My greatest contributions are made when working with:

  • Bringing features to life — Working closely with UX and designing technical solutions, like data structures, processes, and API’s. Then implementing them, where I tend to focus on user interfaces and interactions.
  • Architecture — Figuring out how to reduce complexity and improve flexibility in software and systems.
  • Technical coaching and leadership — Teaching best practices and helping developers grow during pair programming and code review sessions.

I enjoy working with curious people of humility. Those who understand that no one knows everything, but are eager to ask questions because they always want to learn more! In such company, I often experience synergy effects of close collaboration.

My software engineering experience is wide and deep. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for a somewhat comprehensive documentation.


If you are interested in working with me, send an email!

[email protected]